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Stronger Together

The Navigated Learning Collaborative joins collaborators across disciplines and geography to bring together diverse stakeholders in the learning ecosystem. Content providers, implementers, researchers, technologists, educators, funders, school administrators, and government officials come together to innovate, validate, and scale

Coordinating Collaborators

The Navigated Learning Collaborative developed out of a fundamental understanding by its collaborators that learning is complex, learners are diverse, and ecosystems are intricate. We recognized that the answers to these challenges are already available; what was missing was coordination between the various stakeholders to organize the answers into a simple, effective practice with free to use tools. Gooru, with its leadership and help of current collaborative partners enables such collaboration to bring success to all its members.

The Navigated Learning Collaborative is Unique

The Navigated Learning Collaborative includes innovators, practitioners, and partners to integrate and scale Navigator tools. It is designed so that all Collaborators can leverage Navigator in ways specific to their needs. Through Gooru’s Navigator tools, collaborators can contribute content, develop or share competency models, provide feedback from their implementation, explore and validate usage metrics, or leverage anonymized data to enhance the underlying science and advance Navigator for all users.

Each NLC collaborator is unique. They come to the collaborative with their own goals, philosophies, and learner needs.Every collaborator will actively commit and contribute to the shared beliefs while striving to meet their individual goals.

The Navigated Learning Collaborative is Diverse

The NLC enables and promotes innovation and creativity through the diversity of our members. Content providers, administrators, implementers, funders, and partners from across industries and disciplines contribute to Navigator applications and use them with their cohorts. K-12 educators to higher education classrooms to professional learning skills training, each collaborator can become contributing members of the NLC. Researchers bring learning science and data science to develop models for learner identity, use principles of learning in suggesting individual pathways, and estimate the efficacy of learning activities. Funders fuel innovation, place a spotlight on the diversity of learners, the complexity of learning, and the intricacies of the learning ecosystem. Partners integrate Navigator tools to sustainably reach millions of users. Each member adds unique inputs to the collective whole for the collaborative to utilize and benefit.

Current Collaborators

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Join the innovators, practitioners, and partners who are fueling the research to practice cycle to ensure equal opportunities to learning outcomes for all learners.

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Navigated Learning Collaborators with specific dependencies like product enhancements, bulk content ingestion, rostering, or any other training or support services specific to their needs can reach out to us at

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NLC Steering Group

Led by some of our founding Navigated Learning Collaborative members, our steering group are guiding new members and leading its expansion.

Prasad Ram, PhD

CEO and Founder, Gooru

Michelle Newstadt, PhD

Sr. Director of Research and Innovation, Gooru 

Nancy Butler Songer, PhD

Fulbright Scholar; Distinguished Professor, School of Education, Drexel University 

Srinath Srinivasa, PhD

Professor and Dean (R&D), Web Science Lab, International Institute of Information Technology, Bangalore (IIIT-B)

Gerard Hanley, PhD

VP of Learning and Instruction for Gooru; Exec. Director, MERLOT & SkillsCommons/ Emeritus Professor.