Navigator enables all collaborators to use shared measurement to support systemic change.

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Transforming Learning

Every collaborator in the learning ecosystem is supported by Navigator's real-time data and transparency to promote self-regulation and systemic change.

What is Navigator?

Navigator locates each learner, offers a personalized route, and gives re-route suggestions based on performance and preferences until proficiency is demonstrated and each learner reaches their destination. Navigator is inclusive and flexible by design. There are a full spectrum of learning activities and resources to meet the needs of each learner at every competency. The instructor is integral in the learning process and implements Navigator based on the best practices and norms for their learning environment and needs of their learners. Navigator also empowers learners with agency to track their strengths and struggles and encourage positive decisions to support individual growth in all skills and knowledge.

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Real-time Feedback

Navigator aggregates all learning activity stream data from distributed sources to locate a learner and curate learning activities dynamically. This aggregated and anonymized data is shared in real-time with stakeholders. Learners can track their progress. Instructors can monitor their learners and make suggestions. Administrators can drill down or roll up to see competencies mastered and struggles at the individual, class, district, regional, and national levels to scale success and support in the moment interventions. Researchers can access anonymized data to perform their own queries and analyses. Content providers and implementers can monitor the efficacy of their content and practices. As metrics and findings are shared, innovation occurs at all levels to accelerate learning outcomes.

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Inclusive by Design

We designed Navigator to work for all learners, even those with learning differences. It also works in all environments, from remote areas with limited technology and connectivity to device-rich and broadband-rich environments. Navigator works across learning disciplines from pre-K to professionals and in all languages. These capabilities, along with Navigator's full-spectrum of learning activities, enables learning at scale across learners, disciplines, and geographies.

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