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Gooru is committed to providing the leading edge technology and tools through innovative Navigator technology. This technology has been architected to develop scalable Navigator tools. Navigator can be used as a secure hosted service or with on premise hosting. Navigator works with standards organizations to inform and help evolve the standards.

Adaptive Learning with Existing Courses

Navigator brings adaptive learning to existing courses in any discipline across geographies and language of instruction. Existing courses are aligned to a competency framework that is created if one does not already exist.

Scalable Architecture

Navigator’s backend is a collection of loosely coupled micro-services. The services are fine-grained and the protocols for interaction are lightweight.

On-premise Hosting

Typically, Partners establish a tenancy on the Navigator service that isolates and manages their users, premium content, and data. Gooru also supports on premise hosting where the partner can host the integrated Navigator services within their environment.

Standards Compliant

Navigator services are standards compliant in many critical areas and are being further enhanced to be IMS-compliant across the board. Navigator uses OneRoster, LTI 1.1, and xAPI. Gooru is working with the standards bodies to define standards enhancement to support adaptive learning and Navigator is being enhanced to use CASE, LTI1.3, Comprehensive Learner Record (CLR), Caliper, and Open Badges.


Learning Navigator components need to be extended to work in the global context with varied technology infrastructure, diverse languages, and curriculum; accessible to learners with differing abilities; and in the absence of network connectivity. Further, Navigator has to be made seamless so all ecosystem partners can easily interact over the exchange. Navigator will enable collective impact by providing analytics for the entire ecosystem to coordinate and enable their participation in the exchange. Navigator is informed by practice and backed by science.