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Partners are implementing Navigator in a variety of ways. Partners can integrate these tools into their applications to bring navigated learning to millions of diverse learners across disciplines, geographies, and learning abilities. Gooru works with every partner to meet their individual needs through tools and technology.

Silverback Learning

Silverback Learning’s Mileposts platform provides a holistic view of each student, so educators and administrators can make more informed decisions and help each learner achieve success. Mileposts integrates Navigator technology to allow their teachers access to the catalog. Teachers can do competency-based searches on Navigator’s extensive catalog, and remix collections and assessments to assign to their students. Students complete these assignments on Navigator. The students’ performance data is sent to Mileposts for teachers to get a consolidated view of students’ progress.


Utter offers learning solutions for fluency in English via chatbots and expert tutoring via their app. Utter developed a competency model on Navigator for spoken English. They created reference maps to their chatbots as collections and assessments in Navigator. The learner's study metrics, such as time spent and performance in their assessments on the Utter app, are sent to Navigator. Navigator continuously locates the learners and sends the learners' proficiency data to the Utter app to help learners track their mastery.


Hovercam provides Document Cameras and Digital Interactive Panels to classrooms across the United States and other countries. The teachers using Document Cameras in the classrooms get access to Navigator tools from their Flex 11 software. Their ClassFusion software enables teachers to engage with their students via their interactive panels and apps on student devices. ClassFusion integrates with Navigator APIs to allow its competency model and catalog to support teachers build lessons on ClassFuxion. The students’ performance metrics are sent to Navigator to locate and track their Skylines continuously. The students’ data is then sent back to ClassFusion for teachers and students to monitor their progress and proficiency.


ItsLearning is a cloud-based LMS with users across Europe and the United States. ItsLearning integrates with Navigator via the Catalog API to provide access to extensive content in both English and other languages for their teachers to include in their courses. They use competency models that are crosswalked to all the United States state frameworks to enable advanced search from within their LMS. They integrate Navigator’s study player widget to bring the navigated learning experience when students study with Navigator’s content.